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101 Rhythmic Rest Patterns for Alto Saxophone [EL00552]

101 Rhythmic Rest Patterns for Alto Saxophone [EL00552]

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101 Rhythmic Rest Patterns


In Unison for Band

Author: Grover C. Yaus

Instrument: Saxophone

Format: Book

Instrumentation: E-flat Alto Saxophone

Page Count: 24

Item Number: 00-EL00552

ISBN 10: 0-7692-1454-1

ISBN 13: 978-0-7692-1454-2

UPC: 029156072150

Division of measure includes counting rest values as well as note values. A mistake in counting note values while playing is heard and corrected by the instructor, but counting rest values is a silent business and difficult at times for the instructor to detect just where the mistake was made, or who made the mistake. 101 Rhythmic Rest Patterns will help solve that problem, as the unison feature will enable the instructor and the whole ensemble to count aloud all in unison on any or all rest patterns until each rest pattern is perfect.


Rest Patterns 1--11

Rest Patterns 12--20

Rest Patterns 21--28

Rest Patterns 29--34

Rest Patterns 35--43

Rest Patterns 44--56

Rest Patterns 57--74: Six eight (6/8)

Rest Patterns 75--82: Cut Time (Alla Breve)

Rest Patterns 83--87: Syncopation

Rest Patterns 88--101: Advanced Studies




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