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Amazing Phrasing - Tenor Saxophone [310787]

Amazing Phrasing - Tenor Saxophone [310787]

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50 Ways to Improve Your Improvisational Skills
Series: Sax Instruction
Format: Softcover 
Author: Dennis Taylor

Inventory #HL 00310787
ISBN: 9780634035401
UPC: 073999107876
Width: 9.0"
Length: 12.0"
104 pages

Amazing Phrasing is for any tenor saxophone player interested in learning how to improvise and how to improve their creative phrasing.
The ideas are divided into three main sections: Harmony – explores scales, arpeggios, chord substitutions, harmonic embellishments,
and other harmonic phrasing ideas; Rhythm – covers legato tonguing, swing feel, rhythmic displacement, how to manipulate time and
other aspects of rhythmic phrasing; Melody – discusses contour lines, making patterns musical, developing a motif, building a solo,
and many other melodic phrasing ideas. The companion CD includes 26 full-band tracks in various musical styles for listening and
play along. Also available for guitar, keyboard and trumpet.







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