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KGU Trumpet Booster - Radius

KGU Trumpet Booster - Radius

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Net Weight: 45 grams / 0.1 lbs

RADIUS Extra LIGHT Trumpet mouthpiece booster in elegant design. Designed by Maksim Gopanchuk, the co-founder of the KGU Brass company, with
professional approach and great attention to each important detail. The weight, styling and geometry are
created to evenly put the weight of the booster on the weight of the mouthpiece, aiming at uniting the
booster and the mouthpiece into a single whole.
We use the high quality bronze with a high copper content for their production. This material results in the
rich sound that meets expectations of demanding musicians. Arturo Sandoval, the great jazz trumpeter,
pianist and composer, tested the KGU Brass booster and this is what he said about the improving sound
“when you play fast it makes the passing from one note to another more clear”.
The boosters, produced by KGU Brass, fit most of standard mouthpieces. Their styling looks very elegant.
They come in different finishes, so you can choose the model, which will perfectly complement your
trumpet. We offer boosters with raw brass, antique copper lacquer, antique bronze lacquer, silver and gold
Our product is aimed at experienced and aspiring musicians who are looking for new ways of expression
through music. It’s a great thing for everyone who’s tired of changing mouthpieces in order to achieve the
improved and rich sound of the instrument. If you have a booster like this, you experience the noticeable
changes, as it makes your trumpet sound more charming and emotional.

Compatible with most popular standard mouthpiece models. (Bach, Yamaha, Schilke, Getzen, etc.)



(!)헤비/ 메가톤 마우스피스에는 사용하지 마세요!

*mouthpiece not included


  •  KGUBrass Сustom Trumpet Mouthpiece Booster
  •  Easy to install on all the mouthpieces of classic design  
  •  High-quality product and materials  

Well-thought-out geometry and weight. The KGU Brass trumpet boosters are perfectly balanced for
feeling like they’re united with the mouthpiece into a single whole.
• Reliable, high-quality material. Our trumpet boosters are made of bronze with a high copper
content. It makes the sound richer, darker and more emotional, which is really good for jazz.
• Variety of finishes. We produce boosters in different finishes: raw brass, antique copper lacquer,
antique bronze lacquer, silver and gold finishes – choose what works best with the style of your
• Compatible with most of standard mouthpieces. Make a huge step forward and push the limits of
your trumpet, no matter if you play new or very old instrument.
• Easy way to improve the sound. No need to switch between an enormous number of mouthpieces.
Get a rich sound, improved tone and pitch using this elegant and functional musical accessory.



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