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Method for Piccolo Trumpet Vol.1 by Gerald Webster [TP184]

Method for Piccolo Trumpet Vol.1 by Gerald Webster [TP184]

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Method for Piccolo Trumpet Vol. 1

piccolo trumpet

Composer: Webster, Gerald (*1944)
Level: intermediate / advanced
Publisher The Brass Press
Ref. # TP184


This is an excellent comprehensive work on the piccolo trumpet. I am sure that trumpeters everywhere will welcome this work as I do, because in it, Gerald Webster has given sorne very good solutions to many problems besetting players of this instrument, such as finger drill, transposition, and others. The author is not only an excellent trumpeter, he is also a versatile and intelligent one. We aIl stand to profit by a thorough study of the elements Gerald Webster proposes to us in this excellent method.

Edward H. Tarr
At present, numerous composers and arrangers in aIl fields of music, including jazz and popular music, are discovering a rewarding outlet for their creative writings through the use of the piccolo trumpet as a unique exploration of trumpet color. It is the purpose of this book to assist the student new to the piccolo trumpet in interpreting the unique aspects of the instrument and to help the student in understanding the mental and physical approach to the instrument. Ornamentation suggestions are presented only to encourage the student to seek further indepth study of performance practice for each style period.
My special appreciation is extended to Edward H. Tarr, Raymond Crisara, Herbert C. Mueller, and William Brandt for their encouragement and suggestions regarding material included in this volume.








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