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Schilke Flugelhorn Mouthpiece

Schilke Flugelhorn Mouthpiece

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Flugelhorn Series

The flugelhorn requires a deeper cup and larger throat than a trumpet or cornet mouthpiece. Based upon our Symphony Series rim and exterior profile, the Flugelhorn Series feature a deep V-shaped cup, large throat and backbore with a small Morse taper shank for a soft, dark tone with excellent clarity.



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Model mm inches throat Description
6F4 15.99 .630 24 Compares to 6A4A rim in diameter.
13F4 16.76 .660 24 Compares to 13A4A rim in diameter.
14F4 17.09 .673 24 Compares to 14A4A rim in diameter.
15F 17.12 .674 24 Compares to 15 rim in diameter.
16F4 17.20 .677 24 Compares to 16C4 rim in diameter.
17F 17.33 .682 24 Compares to 17 rim in diameter.
18F 17.52 .690 24 Compares to 18 rim in diameter.
20F 17.78 .700 24 Compares to 20 rim in diameter.



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