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Schilke Standard Cornet Mouthpieces in Silver

Schilke Standard Cornet Mouthpieces in Silver

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Standard Series

For more than 60 years, Schilke Music Products has been a leader in brass mouthpiece design and manufacturing. Many of our mouthpieces are classic, unique and have become industry standards.

Renold Schilke and William Scarlett, a Schilke employee and student of Renold O. Schilke before his appointment as 4th trumpet in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in 1964, developed the Schilke mouthpiece labeling system. The labeling system we still use today for the Standard Series allows a player to quickly understand how one model relates to another within the mouthpiece line. These mouthpieces were a collaboration with trumpet artists and colleagues of Renold Schilke from 1950’s and early 1960’s.



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Model mm inches throat Description
5A4a 15.84 .624 27 Small cup diameter with tighter “A” backbore and semi-flat rim offers comfort and resistance in the upper register.
5A4 15.84 .624 26 Same as the 5A4a but with a standard “c” backbore and larger throat, which offers less resistance.
6A4a 15.99 .630 27 A shallow ‘A” cup with cushion #4 rim for extreme high register work.
7B4 16.08 .633 26 Excellent for the player with thin lips. A #4 rim provides good endurance with a brilliant tone.
8A4 16.25 .640 26 The slightly funnel-shaped cup at the entrance to the throat provides a good tone and the #4 semi-flat rim gives superior endurance.
8E2 16.15 .636 26 The deep funnel-shaped cup provides a smooth tone and is very flexible in all registers. Recommended for cornet players.
9 16.33 .643 26 Standard characteristics allow for a full penetrating tone quality.
9C4 16.36 .644 26 Like the #9, however the #4 semi-flat rim provides excellent endurance.
10A4a 16.43 .647 27 The combination of the shallow “A” cup, semi-flat #4 rim and tight “a” backbore assists with upper register work.
10A4 16.43 .647 27 Same as the 10A4a but with a standard “c” backbore, which offers less resistance.
10B4 16.43 .643 26 A medium-small funnel-shaped “B” cup offers both a quality sound and support in the register
11A 16.51 .650 26 This rim size and contour is similar to the #11 but with a shallower “A” cup.
11AX 16.51 .650 27 This model was developed for the Schilke piccolo trumpets. The “x’ backbore improves the ease of playing and opens up the sound on the piccolo.
11C2 16.51 .650 26 Similar to the #11 featuring a slightly rounded #2 rim countour.
11 16.53 .653 26 A superior mouthpiece with standard characteristics for a free blowing mouthpiece.
11D4 16.58 .653 26 Slightly deeper than the #11 with a #4 semi-flat rim, which provides a definate cushion feel for endurance.
11E 16.58 .653 26 The large funnel-shaped cup encourages a big round tone, ideal for cornet.
12A4a 16.71 .658 27 Similar to the 12B4 but with a shallow “A” cup, tight “a” backbore which adds both endurance and range.
12A4 16.71 .658 27 This mouthpiece is the same as a 12A4a but with a standard “c” backbore.
12B4 16.71 .658 26 This medium-small conical “B” cup provides a full tone and the #4 semi-flat rim allows for more endurance.
12 16.69 .657 26 A traditional medium size mouthpiece that includes a #3 standard rim and “c” backbore allows the player a full spectrum of sound.
13A4a 16.76 .660 27 The shallow “A” cup, semi-flat #4 rim and tight “a” backbore creates an ideal lead mouthpiece.
13A4 16.76 .660 27 Same as the 13A4a but with the standard “c” backbore which allows a freer blowing feel.
13B 16.77 .660 26 This mouthpiece has a “B” cup that is slightly deeper than the 13A4 and also offers a narrower, round rim.
13 16.89 .665 26 Ideal choice for a student or developing player with standard #3 rim contour. Rounder rim provides increased flexibility and quick response. “C” cup offers volume for tone.
13C4 16.89 .665 26 A somewhat sharp inner-edge combined with a funnel-shaped “C” cup offers a clear tone. The #4 semi-flat rim adds increased endurance.
13D4 16.89 .665 27 Best option for a player looking for a thick, rich, weighted sound. Medium large ‘D’ cup offers a tone that is colorful with depth. #4 semi-flat rim affords comfort with sharper bite for superior articulation clarity. Diameter ideal for all players from student to professional.
14A4a 17.09 .673 27 One of our most popular mouthpieces, the 14A4a offers a shallow “A” cup, semi-flat #4 rim and tight “a” backbore allows a player a strong upper register without sacrificing tonal production.
14A4 17.09 .673 27 Same as the 14A4a but with a standard “c” backbore which offers a more “open” feel.
14A4x 17.09 .673 27 Based on the popular 14A4a, this mouthpiece creates a very open blowing feel with the large “x” backbore. This backbore improves the ease of playing and opens up the sound of our piccolo trumpet. Also ideal for Eb soprano cornet.
14B 17.02 .670 26 Similar to the #14 but with a “B” (medium-small) cup size.
14C2 17.02 .670 26 This “C” cup and #2 semi-rounded rim produces a rather large tone and good center.
14 17.02 .670 26 With a standard rim, cup and backbore, the 14 is an excellent choice for all around playing.
14C4 17.09 .673 26 Offering the same rim contour and diameter as the 14A4a, with the standard “C” cup and backbore for a full, rich tone.
15A4a 17.14 .675 27 A larger diameter mouthpiece with a shallow “A” cup and tight “a” backbore for upper register playing. #4 semi-flat rim offers comfort in upper register.
15A4 17.14 .675 27 Same as the 15A4a but with a larger “c” backbore for an open feel.
15B 17.12 .674 26 With the same diameter as the #15, this mouthpiece includes “B” style cup which produces a more brilliant sound than the standard #15 mouthpiece.
15 17.12 .674 26 An excellent all-around mouthpiece which offers a free blowing, clear sound.
15C4 17.14 .675 26 This mouthpiece is similar to the #15 but with the #4 semi-flat rim for increased endurance.
16B4 17.2 .677 26 Same as the #16C4 except the shallower, medium-small “B” cup offers more resistance, providing a brighter quality of sound.
16C4 17.2 .677 26 Similar to the 16 in dimensions, this mouthpiece offers our #4 semi-flat rim for a more traditional feel and increased endurance.
16 17.2 .677 26 With all the standard Schilke charactistics, this medium-large diameter mouthpiece produces a full, free blowing quality.
16C2 17.2 .677 26 This model offers the same options as the 16, but instead offers a #2 rim for increased flexibility.
17B4 17.33 .682 26 Well suited for the player looking for a shallower cup in a larger diameter. Medium-small “B” cup offers more brilliance for projection with #4 semi-flat rim for comfort.
17 17.33 .682 26 A compromise of all the medium characteristics, this mouthpiece is an excellent medium to large diameter mouthpiece.
17D4 17.33 .682 26 This mouthpiece includes a deeper “D” cup and #4 semi-flat rim for improved endurance.
17D4d 17.33 .682 26 A larger blowing mouthpiece than the 17D4 because of the increase “d” backbore.
18B4 17.52 .690 26 Ideal for a classical player looking for a commercial sound, the medium shallow cup and semi-flat rim provide resistance and comfort for upper register playing. Cup shape offers some sparkle in the sound with enough volume for tone.
18 17.52 .690 26 The high point being nearer to the center makes this mouthpiece feel smaller than it is. The standard characteristics produce a rich, brilliant tone
18C3d 17.52 .690 26 Similar in dimension to the 18 but with a larger “d” backbore producing a large, teutonic tone.
19 17.65 .695 26 The “C” cup, #3 rim and standard “c” backbore are similar to the #20 but with a slightly smaller diameter
20 17.78 .700 26 This large diameter is for the robust embouchure. Original mouthpiece of choice for Renold O. Schilke.
20D2d 17.73 .698 26 Similar to the #20 in diameter but includes a larger “D” style cup, #2 semi-round rim and larger “d” backbore.
22 18.03 .710 26 Similar to the #20 but with a larger inside dimeter.
24 18.29 .720 26 Our largest cup diameter offered. This mouthpiece provides a huge volume of sound.



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