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Slow Practice by Chris Gekker [CC-TP6]

Slow Practice by Chris Gekker [CC-TP6]

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This book is about diligent and thoughtful practice, with routines and exercises taken from Arban and Schlossberg, and then interpreted through the eyes of Chris and his past teachers to show you how to address the ongoing challenges of improving on the trumpet. In Chris’ words:

“Most of the studies in this book are based on studies from Arban and Schlossberg – and I have taken the liberty of including some of my personal history with the great teachers and colleagues from whom I’ve learned. For me, the practice of any material is deepened by the awareness of its context: how it was introduce to me and how I have been taught to address the challenges.” ~ Chris Gekker

It is with great pleasure that I introduce this fantastic and thorough method. Over 100 pages of material that is guaranteed to keep you focused and motivated for years to come. Click through some samples on the left, then order a physical book delivered to your door above.

“I have read and studies Chris Gekker’s book, SLOW PRACTICE. Chris is a great trumpet player and teacher but more than that he is a great artist and a deep philosopher about music and the trumpet. His insights are always interesting and he brings his world of teaching to the highest level for everyone to learn from. This book is a must for every serious trumpet player.” ~ Gerard Schwarz







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